** : Gluten Free For your convenience, an 18% gratuity
is added to parties of 6 or more yokohama
For Kids!
Under 12yrs Only
Served with Miso soup
Kids’ Sushi Plate 6.5
Comes with crab stick, tamago, cucumber,
sushi rice, and nori.
Kids build their own sushi
Kids’ Chicken Teriyaki 8.5
Served with Gyoza or Croquettes
Steamed Rice** 2
Sushi Rice** 2.5
Miso Soup 3.5
Kimchi 3.5
Kaktugi (Radish Kimchi) 3
House Salad 4
Seaweed Salad 5
Calamari Salad 6
Sunomono 4
Spicy Tako Poke 10
Spicy Sashimi Salad 10
Seared Ahi Tuna Tataki Salad 11
Seared Albacore Tataki Salad 11
Hawaiian Tuna Poke Salad 12
Maguro Sashimi** 19
5 to 7 pcs of fresh tuna
Sake Sashimi** 16
5 to 7pcs of fresh salmon
Hamachi Sashimi 19
5 to 7pcs of fresh yellowtail
Heavenly Hamachi 18
Sliced fresh yellowtail with thin slices of jalapeño
Super White Tuna Sashimi** 18
5 to 7 pieces of fresh escolar
and ponzu dressing
Snapper Delight 9
Thin slices of red snapper with scallions
Ebi Sunomono** 6.5
Shrimp, cucumber and seaweed topped
with sesame seeds and a vinegar sauce
Tako Sunomono** 7.5
Octopus, cucumber and seaweed topped
with sesame seeds and vinegar sauce
Heavenly Tako 16
Thin sliced octopus with thin sliced jalapeño
Hiyayakko Tofu 5.5
Organic tofu with bonito flakes, green onion
Kobe Beef Tataki 25
Seared kobe beef tenderloin, served with
slices of Asian pear & ponzu dressing
Edamame** 4
Boiled soybean pods, lightly salted
Gyoza 5.5
Japanese dumpling filled with beef,
pork and vegetables. Served steamed or fried
Ika Ring 6
Calamari dipped in panko batter and
lightly fried
Shrimp Tempura 9.5
5 Prawns dipped in our ultra-light
Batter and lightly fried
Snapper Tempura 8
7 pcs of red snapper dipped in panko
batter lightly fried. Served with sweet unagi sauce
Julienne Vegetable Tempura 6
Julienne-cut Japanese sweet potatoes,
zucchini, onion and carrots, lightly fried
Vegetable Tempura 6.5
Vegetables dipped in our Ultra-light
batter and lightly fried
Agedashi Tofu 7
Organic Tofu lightly fried in house batter
with special sauce and scallions
Croquettes 5.5
Potato and vegetable. Lightly fried
Yakitori 6
Two broiled chicken skewers with house
teriyaki sauce
Baked Mussels 7
Baked New Zealand green mussels with
house dressing. Served mild, spicy or extra spicy
Seafood Yasai Itame 9.5
Assorted stir-fried seafood with Napa
cabbages, served on a hot iron plate
Hotate Furai 9.5
Jumbo sea scallops, lightly fried
Soft-Shell Crab 10
Jumbo soft-shell crab dipped in house
butter served with special sauce and scallions
Harumaki (Yokohama Spring roll) 12
Fried scallops, crab, shrimp topped with
mandarin oranges, sweet & sour sauce
Hot Appetizers
Cold Appetizers
Sashimi Moriawase 25
An Assortment of 6 to 12 slices of
fresh sashimi
Heart Attack 8.5
Jalapenos stuffed with spicy tuna,
cream cheese. Topped spicy dressing
Tempura 8.5
Prawns and vegetables tempura

Sushi Sashimi Boat 69
15pcs sashimi, 9pcs nigiri sushi,
tuna & California roll or one specialty roll
Warning: Consuming raw or uncooked foods can
cause food borne illness especially during pregnancy yokohama
Sake Don** 18
Sliced fresh salmon served over sushi rice
Unaju 16
Fresh water eel over sushi rice
Tekka Don** 23
Sliced fresh tuna served over sushi rice
Chirashi Sushi** 23
Fresh sashimi served sushi rice
Hot Summer Roll** 7.5
Shrimp, avocado and jalapeno
Summer Roll** 15
Tuna, salmon, red snapper, avocado,
wrapped with thin slice of cucumber
with ponzu dressing
Vegetarian Combination 12
Vegetable roll, Avocado roll & cucumber roll

Regular Sushi 18
7 pieces of nigiri and California roll
HyedupBop 16
Assorted slices of raw fish, crab meat,
masago on a bed of fresh mixed greens and
vegetables and steamed rice served with a
sweet spicy house Gochujang sauce.
Kobe Beef Tataki 25
Seared kobe beef tenderloin, sever with
slices of Asian pear & ponzu dressing
Hamachi-Kama 16
Grilled yellowtail caller
Unaju 16
Fresh water eel over sushi rice
Deluxe Sushi 23
9 pieces of fresh nigiri and California roll

** : Gluten Free
Maguro (Tuna)** 6.5 Unagi (Fresh Water Eel) 5
Sake (Salmon)** 5 Saba (Mackerel) 4
Hamachi (Yellowtail)** 6.5 Otoro (Bluefin Tuna belly)** M/P
Shiro Maguro (Albacore Tuna)** 5.5 Uni (Sea Urchin)** M/P
Escolar (Super White Tuna)** 6 Tako (Octopus)** 5
Tai (Red Snapper) 5.5 Kani (Imitation Crab) 4
Ebi (Cooked Shrimp) 4 Masago (Smelt roe) 4.5
Ama Ebi (Raw sweet shrimp) 6.5 Tobiko (Flying fish roe) 4
Ika (Squid)** 3.5 Tamago (Sweet egg) 3.5
Hotategai (Sea Scallop)** 5 Spcy Scallop 4.5
Hokikai (Surf Red Clam)** 5 Spicy Octopus 4.5
Two pieces per order
Maguro (Tuna)** 6.5 Spicy Octopus 5
Sake (Salmon)** 5 Philadelphia 6
Negihama (Yellowtail)** 6.5 Hawaiian** 7
Unagi (Fresh Water Eel) 5 Alaskan 6
Spicy Tuna 5 Shrimp Tempura 5
Spicy Salmon 5 Vegetable 4
Spicy Scallop 5.5 Salmon Skin 4.5
California Roll 5 Philadelphia Roll 6.5
Tuna (Tekka)** 7 Hawaiian Roll** 7.5
Cucumber (Kappa)** 4 Alaskan Roll 7
Salmon Roll** 5.5 Shrimp Tempura Roll 6
Yellowtail (Negihamachi)** 7 Salmon Skin Roll** 5.5
Fresh Water Eel 6.5 Vegetable Roll 5
Spicy Tuna Roll 6.5 Futomaki 5.5
Spicy Salmon Roll 6 Vegetable Tempura Roll 5.5
Avocado Roll 5 Tofu Teriyaki Roll 5
Regular Rolls
Hand Rolls
Sushi Bar

Udon 7.5
Japanese noodles in a clear broth
Tempura Udon 13
Traditional Udon with prawn and vegetable
tempura on the side
Ramen (Mild or Spicy) 7
Ramen, vegetables with egg
Curry Udon 11.5
Udon in curry broth with beef
Seafood Tofu Casserole 12
Sizzling casserole prepared with silken tofu
sea scallops, prawns, clams, mussels and egg
in House dashi broth, with pickled daikon
radish and steamed rice
Zarusoba (Glten free without sauce) 7.5
Japanese buckwheat noodles with house
Dipping sauce
Tenzaru 13
Served with prawn and vegetable tempura
on the side
Nabeyaki Udon 15
Traditional Udon noodle served in an iron pot
with Chicken, shiitake mushrooms, fish cake,
and Shrimp tempura
Seafood Yakisoba 10
Stir fry egg noodle with prawns, scallops,
calamari, vegetables and house sauce
Chicken Yakisoba 9
Stir fry egg noodle with chicken, vegetables,
and house sauce.
Red Bean/Green Tea Ice Cream 4
Vanilla Ice Cream 3.5
Fried Cheese Cake 5.5
Fried Ice Cream 5
Mango Cheesecake 8.5
Triple Chocolate Mousse Cake 6.5
** : Gluten Free
Mango Cheese-Cake
Beef Teriyaki 19
Broiled 12oz New York steak with house
teriyaki sauce. Served with steamed vegetables
Salmon Teriyaki 18
Grilled Atlantic salmon with house teriyaki sauce.
Served with steamed vegetables.
Tai Katsu 17
Red Snapper deep-fried in Japanese panko
batter. Served with steamed vegetables
Chicken Teriyaki 16
Broiled tender chicken breast with house
teriyaki sauce. Served with steamed vegetable
Spicy Chicken Dinner 17
Marinade tender chicken breast with spicy
house gochujang sauce. Served with steamed
Tempura Moriawase 18
Prawn & vegetables tempura. Served with our
dipping sauce
Bulgogi 17
Marinated shaved beef rib eye and onion
Saba Shioyaki 16
Grilled New Zealand mackerel with
sea salt. Served with steamed vegetables
Chicken Katsu 16
Tender chicken breast, deep-fried in
Japanese panko batter. Served with steamed
Ton katsu 16
Pork tenderloin, deep fried in Japanese panko
batter. Served with steamed vegetables
Spicy Pork Dinner 17
Tender pork with spicy house gochujang sauce.
Served with steamed vegetables
Galbee 21
Generous portion of char-broiled marinated
cross cut USDA choice short ribbon a bed of
caramelized onions in sizzling hot iron skillet
Yokohama Dinner Box 25
Chef’s choice of Sashimi, Sushi, Tempura
and salad
For your convenience, an 18% gratuity
is added to parties of 8 or more
Served with sunomono, miso soup and steamed rice.
(All teriyaki is gluten free without sauce)
Chicken Katsu Don 9
Chicken katsu, vegetable with egg
Gyu-Don 13
Beef vegetable with egg
Tonkatsu Don 9
Pork katsu vegetable with egg
Spicy chicken Don 9
Spicy chicken with vegetables
Ten Don 9.5
Prawns, vegetables tempura
and egg
Vegetable Don 7.5
Vegetable with egg
Oyako Don 9
Chicken, vegetable with egg
Unaju 15
Fresh water eel over sushi rice
Lunch served until 2:30PM, daily except Sunday
Sushi and Sashimi
Served with miso soup

Yokohama Bento 15.5

Chef’s choice of
Sashimi, sushi, Tempura, Salad
Kyoto Bento (Choice of Two) 11

Beef Teriyaki, Chicken Teriyaki,
Chicken- Katsu, Ton-katsu,
Saba (Mackerel) Shioyaki,
Salmon Teriyaki,
Salmon Shioyaki,
Vegetable tempura,
Julianne vegetable tempura,
Yakitori, Tofu Teriyaki,
Osaka Bento (Choice of One) 8.5
(Served 2 pot stickers,
2 pcs California roll)

Beef Teriyaki, Bulgogi, Tempura
Saba Shioyaki, Chicken katsu,
Pork katsu, Galbee
Tokyo Bento (Choice of One) 7.5
(Served with 2 pot stickers, 2 pcs
California roll)

Chicken Teriyaki,
Chicken-Katsu, Ton-katsu,
Vegetable Tempura,
Julianne Vegetable Tempura
Spicy Pork, Spicy chicken,
Noodles and Casserole
Udon 7
Tempura Udon 11.5
Curry Udon 10
Seafood Tofu Casserole 10
(Spicy or Mild)
Ramen (Mild and Spicy) 6.5
Seafood Yakisoba 8.5
Chicken Yakisoba 8.5
Nabeyaki Udon 13
Zarusoba 7
Tenzura 11.5
Warning: Consuming raw or uncooked foods can
cause food borne illness especially during pregnancy
** : Gluten Free yokohama

Over rice in bowl. Served with
sunomono and miso soup
Oyako Don 8
Vegetable Don 7.5
Tonkats Don 8
Ten Don 9
Chicken Katsu Don 8
Unaju 15
Hot-Iron Plate
Served with Sunomono,
miso Soup & steamed rice
Beef Teriyaki 12
Chicken Teriyaki 10
Spicy Chicken 10
Spicy Pork 10

Fried Rice
Vegetables 7
Beef & Vegetables 8
Chicken & Vegetables 7.5
Shrimp & Vegetable 8
Combination 9
Vegetable Roll Combo 10
Vegetable roll, Avocado roll and
cucumber roll
Sashimi 17
8 to 12 pcs sashimi (Chef’s choice)
served with sushi rice
Sushi Sashimi 18
5 pcs of nigiri and 9 pcs of sashimi
fresh sashimi (Chef’s choice)
Roll Combo 11
California roll, spicy tuna roll
and cucumber roll
Regular Sushi 12
5 pcs nigiri and your choice of California
or spicy tuna roll
Yokohama Sushi Lunch 15
A 6 pcs sampling of the day’s 3 specialty
roll and 5 pcs of nigiri sushi
Hyedup-Bop 13

Assorted slices of raw fish,
crabmeat, masago and fresh
mixed green on a bed steam rice
with sweet spicy house
Gochujang sauce
Bento special
Served with miso soup and steamed rice
(No Substitution Please)
Free state Copperhead Ale 4
Free state Golden Wheat 4
Sapporo 4
Kirin 4
Asahi 4
Miller Lite 3
Bud light, Draft 3
Coors light 3
Michelob Ultra 3
House Wine
Fox horn Chardonnay, California 5
Fox horn Cabernets sauvignon, California 5
Plum Wine
Gekkeikan Plum 5.5
Choya Umeshu with Ume Fruit 7.5/30
Sake by the Bottle
Gekkeikan (Horin) 720ml 70
Gekkeikan (Horin) 300ml 36
Moonstone (Raspberry) 750ml 28
Moonstone (Asian Pear) 750ml 28
Momokawa (Pearl Nigori) 750ml 28
Momokawa (Diamond) 750ml 28
Karatamba Daiginjo 300ml 16
Kurosawa Sake 375ml 14
Sho Chiku Bai Premium Ginjo 300ml 13
Yaegaki (Ra) 300ml 12
Gekkeikan Draft 375ml 12
Reishu/Cold Sake
by Glass Flask
Moonstone Asian Pear 17
Moonstone Black Raspberry 17
Moonstone Plum 17
Momokawa Pearl 17
Momokawa Diamond 17
Yaegaki/Hot Sake
Small Tokkuri 6
Large Tokkuri 11
Sake Bomb 4
Johnnie Walker Black 6.5
Chivas 6.5
Johnnie Walker Red 5
Crown Royal 5
Dewars 5
Jack Daniels 5

Grey Goose 6.5
Absolut 5
Ketel One 5.5
Jose Cuervo 4.5
Don Julio Anejo 7.5
Don Julio Silver 7
Patron Anejo 8
Parton Silver 7.5
Bacardi 3.5
Tanqueray 6
Bombay 5.5
Fountain Drinks
Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite 2.5
Iced Tea, Pibb
Hot Tea
Green Tea 2.5
Citrus, Plum, Ginger 3.5
Bubble Tea 4
Mango, Water Melon, Honey Dew,
Pina colada, Coconut,
Guava, Passion Fruit, Thai Tea,
Chai Tea, Taro, Black Milk,
Green Tea, Mocha, Vanilla Latte
White Wine

Robert Mondavi, Chardonnay 7/30
Robert Mondavi, Pinot Grigio 7/30

Red Wine
Robert Mondavi, Cabernet Sauvignon 7/30
Gnarly Head, Merlo, California 7/30
H a p p y h o u r
Mon through thru 8:30—10:00
Fri & Sat 9:00—10:30
K I c h e n
Edamame 2.99
Fried Pot Stickers 2.99
Fried Pickles 2.99
Ika Ring 3.99
Julian Vegetable Tempura 3.99
Snapper Tempura 4.99
S u s hi B a r
Buy any Specially or Regular Roll at
menu price and get a second of equal
or lesser value for 50% off.

(The two rolls must be on the same ticket to
receive the discount)
No Substitutions Please.
For your convenience, an 18% gratuity
is added to parties of 8 or more
D e s s e rt
Deep Fried Banana 2.99
Deep Fried Twinkies 2.99